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At High Flyer Aerial Solutions, we can offer our clients a complete range of aerial imagery options that provide a different perspective. UAV’s (Drones) have proven to be an effective tool that can capture aerial images through a broad range of applications throughout various environments.

UAV’s have historically built a reputation for helping provide businesses with marketing opportunities through aerial photography and creating HD filming. UAV’s have proven to be a powerful tool option that can be used to render 3D images for construction redesigns and assist with images specifically used for planning applications. They’ve been instrumental in protecting businesses from litigation by use of safety inspections and have provided invaluable information through aerial surveys to help businesses make informed decisions.


Key Services Offered:

  • Aerial photography and panoramas.
  • Filming and editing.
  • Aerial inspections and surveying.
  • 3D modelling

Aerial Photography and Panoramas

Useful for event management, planning applications and real-estate marketing.

Aerial Filming

Providing 4K aerial filming and film editing to clients specifications.

Aerial Inspections

Proven to be extremely effective for the construction industry through carrying out safety inspections and monitoring progress

Topographical Surveys

Suitable for determining terrain and elevation topography. Generating crop health maps useful for agricultural industries.

3D Mapping

Practical for designers and architects in helping render 3D models that can be exported to a range of file formats including CAD.


Safety inspections and monitoring for oil and gas. Solar and wind farm inspection surveys.

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